MV Karwela

Wreck Dive, Xatt l-Ahmar, Gozo

MV Karwela is one of the three diving wrecks offshore Xatt l-Ahmar in the south-eastern coast of Gozo. Karwela was a former Captain Morgan Cruises passenger ferry around the Grand Harbour. She was scuttled in August 2006 together with MV Cominoland as an artificial reef for scuba divers. The third wreck MV Xlendi was scuttled already in 1999.

Karwela wreck is about 50 m long and is sitting perfectly upright on a sandy bottom with a maximum depth of around 40 m. Her bow lies at 39 m deep, whereas her stern rests at 41 m. The top deck with the captain's cabin starts at a depth of 30 m. The wreck is safe to penetrate because of the various openings made before scuttling, and there is plenty to explore on its three decks. Large holes were cut all along the sides on the first two decks, and there is a photogenic staircase in the middle of the wreck leading to the lower deck, which is lit by portholes. There is a small amount of silt and sand inside.

All the wrecks are usually dived from the shore but can be done by boat as well. Karwela is probably the most dived wreck around Gozo, as she is more interesting than upturned Xlendi and closer to shore and larger than Cominoland.

The Stairs

The stairs of the Karwela are a beautiful part of the wreck and are very photogenic. Many divers enjoy this part of the wreck during penetration dives.

Experience Needed

You must be certified to dive to a depth of 40 meters to dive this site. If you wish to penetrate the wreck you will be required to have a Wreck Diver certification. We would also recommend Nitrox Diver.

Karwella Karwela

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