The P29 Patrol Boat

Wreck Dive, Cirkewwa, Malta

The Patrol Boat P29 is one of the two wrecks in Cirkewwa and one of the most popular dive sites in Malta along with the other wreck (MV Rozi). P29 was a former patrol boat for the Maritime Squadron of the Armed Forces of Malta. She was intentionally scuttled in August 2007 to serve scuba divers. Before scuttling the boat was made safe both environmentally and for divers. She now lies on a sand bed at 34m. At the bow, you could reach 37m.

The Machine Gun

When they scuttled the P29 they left the bow machine gun in place and serves as one of the most popular attractions amongst her visitors. Many divers around the world have posed for their picture stood ‘firing’ the turret-mounted gun on this wreck.

Experience Needed

You must be certified to dive to a depth of 30 meters to dive this site. We would also recommend Nitrox Diver.


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