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As a resident diver in Malta, I love diving with New Dimension Scuba which is run by Amy and Jasper.


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  • New Dimension Scuba

    I first met Jasper when he was still with Divewise (a sister company of NDS) and I was living in Sliema. After moving to the North of the Island, in Mellieha, I was pleasantly surprised that Jasper was now running NDS in St Paul’s Bay together with Amy. With NDS I continued building on my diving skills by making more dives and doing more specialty courses.


    Project AWARE Clean Up

    Together with my wife Carmen we also joined the NDS family in a big clean up of St Paul’s Bay as part of Project Aware, a global movement for ocean protection. It was great to see how many divers were willing to help during the cleanup. And that it was useful could be seen from the amount of rubbish we managed to recover from the seabed. The rubbish that should not be there if people are more aware and responsible. This project is an ongoing thing and will definitely see a follow-up event, hopefully, this year if things get back to normal.


    Diving Goals For 2020

    My diving goal for 2020 was to qualify as a Master Scuba Diver but unfortunately, like all of us, I have to be patient and wait to hear when we can go back in the water as a diving community.


    Discover Scuba Dive With Finn

    Looking back at the diving highlights of last year, besides the Project Aware cleanup, I really enjoyed my ten-year-old grandson, Finn, doing his PADI Discover Scuba Dive. As Jasper was teaching Finn during his dive I joined them. Finn also enjoyed it very much and every year when he comes to Malta I’d like to take him a step further into diving. His younger sister Jip cannot wait to join us once she is old enough. Back at school after the summer holidays, Finn had to do a presentation and he chose to do this on Scuba diving. Since his father had done some filming during our dive, Finn was able to conclude his presentation with a short movie of his dive and his schoolmates were impressed.


    Surface Activity

    As ‘surface activity’ during this ‘dry’ period, Carmen and myself try to keep fit by doing some trekking in the North of the island around Mellieha and by doing so we are discovering more and more beautiful places.

    Keep safe all of you and hopefully, we can get back in the water soon.



    Written by: Carmen and Ben Fredriks


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