Dive Sites In Malta

The Dive Sites In Malta are Shallow, Deep, Technical, Recreational, Dark, Bright, Caves, Caverns, Swim Throughs and so much more…

These dive sites are a divers paradise. With a plethora of wrecks, cavern and reefs. We have grouped the dive sites into two main groups.

Dive sites that are ideal for new divers and dives for more experienced divers and technical divers.

For more info about the sites, check out the our guide to the Best Scuba Diving Sites In Malta.

All dive sites are weather and sea condition dependent. 

All boat dives are purely weather dependent and not 100 % guaranteed

Dive Sites in Malta, Gozo & Comino : 20m Max

These Dive Sites In Malta are for all divers due to the depth of the dive sites.

If you like shallow diving along reefs, or shallow wrecks and deeper wrecks, then these are most probably suitable for you

Dive Sites in Malta & Gozo : (30-40m)

These wrecks are for divers with Deep Diving Qualifications beyond 30m, only due to the depth of the wrecks.

These wrecks require Enriched Air diving. If you have no yet aquired these two specialties, we can make that happen!