Malta’s Marine Life Part 1 – Introduction to the Maltese waters

Malta’s Marine Life

Part 1 – Introduction to the Maltese waters

In this blog post our amazing instructor Amy gives us a glimpse into her reactions towards Malta’s Marine life as she dived our waters for the first time…was it what she was expecting?….

As a diver of 11 years I have always loved the marine life, which is one of the two reasons why I started diving in the first place. I always pictured myself diving with whale sharks, dolphins, turtles, sharks, a seahorse and manta rays, so basically a bucket list full of small and large critters of the sea.

Being fortunate enough to have dived in places such as Sodwana Bay, Mozambique and Aliwal Shoal (places in South Africa), I have ticked off the majority of the bucket list.  The Majority were all sharks and large marine life which were exceptionally noticeable. But recently having moved to Malta, my bucket list changed slightly…

My very first casual dive in Malta was one I would never forget, I was under the impression of Malta being a tropical, colourful destination and having an array of large marine life. Well done Malta you fooled me. It was quite frankly the complete opposite, submerging underwater for the first time what I saw was as follows:


Not entirely… yet the visibility was immaculate! The distance in which you could see was something I have never experienced before. The topography made you feel as though you were taking a stroll down a rocky, mountainous area yet submerged underwater. The clarity of the water was crystal clear, warm and calm.


The most colours I could see, was the green of the seagrass, the blue of the water and browns of the rocky terrain. Again, a sight I have never seen before. I was used to colourful, flat reefs where you fight your way through fish that surround you. This was very different…

Large marine life

Well…. Here I was a bit taken back, I did not see any massive sharks, nor did I see the turtles, any manta rays or dolphins. Where and what exactly lived in the Maltese waters?

Keep an eye out for part 2!

In the meantime, if you are want to know what Amy experienced, she recommends the Fish ID course specialty.

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