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PADI Tec Courses

Are you ready to to become a technical diver? 

What is technical diving or (tec).

‘Tec’ is going beyond our recreational limits, wanting to discover sites that only few have been to or the thrill and challenges that come with making a Technical dive.

Tec‘ is not for every one, as it draws the experience of a diver to go through going beyond their limits or carrying a multitude of regulators in a varied mix of configurations, from back twin to side mounted and so on.

It is risky, it also involves finesse, commitment, mastery of skills and plenty of theory.

However its your adventure in to the extremity of diving


Planning to exceed our no decompression limits, up to and beyond 40 meters.

The use of accelerated decompression whilst using varied mixes of gases.

Extensive use of equipment from dive computers to decompression software.

Going deep means over head environments with no physical direct access to the surface.

With technologies forever being developed at such a growing rate CCR (closed circuit re-breathers) have completely changed the way we can dive, spending hours under the water, thus adding challenges itself.

Self reliance is primary in Technical diving, pushing yourself to your limits, solid motor skills, theory and dive planning.


Recognized as a worldwide market leader and substantially has educational support material to back it up, allowing you to learn as you dive, cleverly put together, PADI learning material enables you to flow from one course to the next