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COVID-19 Malta Travel Advice

Malta Travel Restrictions: ARRIVAL

Passengers travelling from one of the countries or cities included in Malta’s Amber Travel List, which are listed below, are required to present a NEGATIVE COVID-19 PCR TEST to representatives of the local Health Authority, after landing in Malta.

The COVID-19 PCR test must be taken within a period not exceeding 72 hours prior to the passenger’s arrival in Malta. It is strongly recommended that a physical copy of the test result is readily available to be presented at Malta International Airport.

Arrivals from the following countries require a NEGATIVE PCR test on arrival:

Belgium *Ban on all non essential travel to and from Belgium
Canada * Mandatory 14 day quarantine on arrival in Canada
Greece (all airports except Attiki)
Indonesia * Entry back into Indonesia is prohibited until Feb
Ireland *Ban on all non essential travel to and from Ireland until March
Italy (all airports except airports in Sicily and Sardegna) * Mandatory 14 day quarantine on arrival in Italy
Japan * Ban on entry into Japan from Malta
Netherlands (all airports) * Updated - RAPID test required within 4 hrs of departure going back home
Poland (all airports)
Portugal (all airports except Madeira and Azores)
Spain (all airports except Canarias)
Sweden *Ban on all non essential travel to Sweden
Switzerland (all airports)

Malta Travel Restrictions : DEPARTURE

Upon your return, depending country of origin, you may need to present a NEGATIVE PCR test within the airport , and we are able to provide information on where to go for your Swab Testing. (Free of Charge)

Please note that you need to give yourself 72 hours prior to departure for the swab test. Private swab tests can be completed through private clinics and have a fee to them. Results can be from 15-24 hours - depending on the price. 


How do I book an appointment?

To book your swab test call the Public Health Helpline on 111 or +356 21324086 if you have a foreign number. The operators will take note of your personal details and you will be given an appointment to undergo this test closest to your place of residence. (ST PAULS BAY - BURMARRAD)
Alternatively you can register online for a swab test by filling in an online form.  You will be called back from the Public Health Helpline on the mobile or landline number which you provided and you will be given an appointment for a swab test.
Online applicants will be required to provide and verify a valid email address. 
The results of the swab test will be sent to the email address soon after it is issued, ensuring that results reach the swabbed person as quickly and efficiently as possible. If after a minute or so after registration you haven’t received the email, please check your spam or junk folder. If you still don’t find the email, please start again, making sure that you have entered your contact email address accurately.
If you still don’t manage, please book for your swab test by calling Helpline 111 instead (dial 111 from a Maltese line or +356 2132 4086 from a non-Maltese line).

If you are a non-resident foreigner, enter the number of your passport or of the identity card of your country in ‘Other ID’.  Please enter it as a single sequence of characters without any spaces or comments.  If you have another form of identification (e.g. Police Number), enter it in ‘Other ID’.
In the case of children, if you know the child’s national ID number (e.g. 0123456L or 0012345H), enter it in ‘ID / Residence Permit Number’. 
When you fill in the registration form, use the Additional Information box to explain your needs. (FLYING HOME in 72 hours)  The person who calls you back will see this information, as well as the other information you provide, will take everything into account including national priorities and will try to address your needs as much as possible. 
Please remember that there may be more demand for tests than tests available, so do not leave it too late to request a swab test.  If you need to have a result in hand on a certain day, please make sure that the swab test is done no later than 72 hours before.
Tests take up to 72 hours from the time of swabbing to be completed by the lab and the result to be issued.  If more than 72 hours have passed and you haven’t received the result yet, please contact the COVID-19 Results Team on​ or please call Helpline 111 (dial 111 from a Maltese line or +356 2132 4086 from a non-Maltese line), 
You will be asked to show personal identification (national ID card or residence permit card or passport or foreign ID card, as appropriate in your case) when you go to the Testing Centre.


Covid Testing Centres in Malta
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