PADI Kids Diving


If you want your kids to get into scuba diving then we have the PADI Kids Courses that are just for them.

PADI Bubble maker

How does the thrill of being as young as eight years or older and taking breaths underwater up to 2 meters sound

As a bubble maker the majority of the time spent is to have fun and blow bubbles with regular scuba equipment ‘slightly miniaturized in shallow water’.

A great idea for a family that are comfortable being in water and sport activities, and for parents to share experiences with their children!

Parental approval is required minimum age is 8 or older and group sizes are small.

PADI seal team

The PADI Seal team is the most exciting part of being 8 years plus, playing games, swimming through hoops, throwing a weighted torpedo through the water at your Seal team buddy, maybe you aspire to be weightless and simply see lots of fish!

Aqua missions are performed to follow an academic, thus this experience possibly counts towards the PADI Open water course when old enough.

Aqua missions 1-5 teach the Seal team member skills such like: Underwater breathing, clearing a mask of water, recovery of a regulator and buoyancy control. Upon completion recognition of this is given as a full PADI Seal team member.

The second step is a PADI Master Seal Team member, there is ten specialty missions to take part in such like: creature identification, search and recovery and skin diving

How amazing does that all sound! The parents cant have all the fun right kids?

Open water diver through to Advanced/adventure diver

Once we reach a huge 10 years old, we can begin our PADI Open water course the continued education program follows suit, so that the knowledge that our PADI Seal team members have attained goes with them elevating on the education they have been given into a theoretical and underwater skill building, building confidence and understanding in and out of the water.

But wait! we dont have to have any experience however, our fantastic PADI Instructors will have the time and patience with you all the way.

Imagine becoming a PADI Advanced Open Water diver just after your twelveth birthday and having access to some of the parts of the ocean the other kids at school can only see in the movies.