Amy-Sarah Lottering


Amy joined our team of instructors in December 2018. She moved over to Malta from South Africa in April 2018 as a Staff Instructor and soon became a Skipper, Tech diver, Graphics Designer,  Digital Marketer, and all-around go-to girl in the industry.

Her nickname from colleagues and customers is ‘Foghorn’ and if you have no idea why, then come spend the day with her and you’ll soon figure it out!

Amy is always willing to help, very outgoing, and constantly talking and smiling. She is able to teach an array of specialties as well as takes out technical divers due to her being a technical diver herself.

She loves to design, edit websites, design images for marketing, and also writing blogs for fun. 

In her spare time, she enjoys her photography in and around the Maltese Island. capturing all the incredible and colorful graffiti art

Amy is able to teach PADI & SDI Courses

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