Jaroslaw Walczak

Master Scuba Diver Trainer

Jarek became a Diving Instructor in 2012. For few years, it was just his weekend activity in UK.

He then gained a lot of experience and had so much fun learning about diving that he chose to start teaching people how to dive as a full time job. So he moved to Malta in 2016 with his wife Aga to both teach. 

He joined the Divewise Team in 2009. He can teach Wreck, Deep, Dry Suit, EAN, Equipment Specialist, Peak Performance Buoyancy specialties. But, his absolute favourite course to teach is definitely Sidemount.

During the past couple of years, he learnt that every student is different with different abilities, expectations and needs. So he tries to adjust the course and himself to it.

Jaroslaw Walczak
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