Ghar Lapsi

Reef Dive, Ghar Lapsi, Malta

Ghar Lapsi is located in Siggiewi, which is located down the south coast of Malta right next door to Zurrieq. Ghar Lapsi is one of the few places where you can enter the water from the shore and is a relaxing and easy, shallow dive site.

The beautiful reef dive also offers a 40-meter long tunnel at the beginning or end of your dive. Once exiting the tunnel at the start of your dive, you will come out along the reef and within 10m is the sandbed where you can find stingrays, flying gurnards, octopus, and many small marine critters.

Because of the steep steps down to the water's edge, the entry/exit point can be tricky. Ghar Lapsi is a very beautiful, scenic place for swimming and snorkeling too.

The Caves

You can start your dive going threw a shallow tunnel with the depth between 4 to 5 meters. The length is only about 40m long from one side to the other. Through the caves, there are 6 exit points with a lot of light penetrating into the caves through all the crevices and brightening up the entire tunnel. The caves can get narrow in some areas so its best to just follow the guide as they take you through the thicker sections.

Finger Reef  and Crib

The crib can be found at 22m underneath a mini overhang. This crib is of Life Size figures resembling a nativity scene.

Basically there are two main reefs, one being the finger reef which resembles a finger that has a cave on the inside of it. This is situated around 19m to the right of the main caves.

Around 18m to the right of the main caves, is a Elephant rock face. This is where you will find a rock shaped like an elephants head and trunk

Middle Reef

Around this area, you will find areas of large sand patches, sea grass and large boulders with a maximum depth of 16m. This dive tests your navigational skills with and without a compass.

Around the Large Middle Reef, to the right you will find a massive, heavy bullky clump of fishing nets. Many have tried to remove this but have failed to to the size and weight as its mostly being compressed down from the sand.

You must be certified to dive to a depth of 18 meters to dive this site. We would also recommend being a Nitrox Diver.


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