Qawra Point

Reef Dive, Qawra, Malta

Qawra Point is located on the northeast coast of Malta. On the north side of Qawra Point, there is Fra Ben Cave and the arch way to explore. Heading out from the north side, there is a rocky sea bed that gently slopes down to about 10 meters.

Afterwards you will find yourself on a beautiful sandy sea bed at a depth of 15 meters. Continuing to the right reef, you will find Fra Ben Cave. After exploring Fra Ben Cave, there is the possibility to explore the arch way, which is great to capture fun photos and videos.

Fra Ben Cave

Fra Ben Cave is a beautiful scenic cave, catching the sun light through the open ceiling. The cave goes in about 15 meters and in the open ceiling, there is the possibility to surface and have a quick look around the blowhole. 

Experience Needed

You must be certified to dive to a depth of 18 meters to dive this site, as such, we would require a minimum of Open Water Diver certification. We would also recommend being a Nitrox Diver.


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