The Inland Sea

Reef Dive, Dwejra, Gozo

Inland Sea is a shallow semi-circular lagoon of about 60 m wide and connected to the Mediterranean Sea by an 80m long tunnel through the rock. In the Inland Sea, the maximum depth is around 2m. The bottom of the tunnel gets deeper and deeper.

Starting at 3 m in the lagoon side, and will finally reach 26 m. The tunnel has vertical walls and a pebble bottom, ending with a lot of big boulders around the seaside exit. At the end of the tunnel, the seabed drops down to around 50 m.

The Tunnel

The tunnel at the Inland Sea is probably the best part of the dive. Going into a slightly darker place makes your dive more interesting than normal.

At the end of the tunnel, it opens up into the open blue which gives a really nice image.

Experience Needed

You must be certified to dive to a depth of 18 meters to dive this site. We would also recommend Nitrox Diver.


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