Tugboat 10 & St. Michael

Wreck Dive, Marsaskala, Malta

On the 16th May 1998, Both Tugboat 10 and Tugboat St Michael were scuttled in Zonqor point as a plan to create 2 artificial wrecks.

Both tugboats had many years of service, towing vessels in the Grand Harbour of Valletta until they were moored at Jetties Wharf and been left to partially get submerged in water. 

They were then cleaned out and made environmentally friendly for marine life and divers themselves.

The Tugboat 10 is the smaller wreck of the two and is 16m long and lies upright on a flat sandy bottom with a max depth of 21m. 90 degrees off the bow, lies the St. Michael which is a 20m long tugboat.

The Tugboat 10 & the St. Michael are one of the few shallower wrecks in Malta and suitable for Open Water Divers.

The Marine Life

On both wrecks, the chance that you find a lot of Nudibranchs is really high. So when diving the tugs, bring your camera if you’re a fan of marine life. Next to the wrecks, on the sandy bottom, you can find flying gurnards, baby stingrays and even some trigger fish.

Experience Needed

You must be certified to dive to a depth of 18 meters to dive this site. We would also recommend being a Nitrox Diver or being an Advanced Diver

DIVE SITE SPECIFICATION: Tugboat 10 & St. Michael

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