PADI Eco Dive Centre - what does it mean?

We are really proud to be able to announce that we are now a PADI Eco Centre. 

This is something we have being working towards during 2023, and it's great to start 2024 with this recognition.

PADI ECO Centre Malta
So what does it mean to be an Eco Dive Centre? We thought we'd discuss some of the steps taken to achieve this award.

Adopt the Blue

If you have dived with us, you'll know we are passionate about collecting any debris we see on every dive. We believe in protecting what you love, so it was natural for us to jump to Adopt the Blue, a PADI AWARE programme. This is a commitment for us to take conservation action at a specific site. Since we have a dive site right outside our dive centre, it was an easy decision to adopt our house reef to protect.

We plan to adopt even more dive sites throughout 2024, so watch this space. 

Adopt the Blue

Green Fins

We became a Green Fins digital member in 2023. This was a great step for New Dimension Scuba. We believe in diving in a sustainable way, which aligns so well with the Green Fins Code of Conduct. This includes a 15 point approach to maintain the marine environment such as regular clean ups, acting as role models underwater and having a 'no touch' policy for the reefs here in Malta. 

We have also conducted a self evaluation of NDS with Green Fins and completed an action plan to further reduce our environmental impact. It's great finding new ways we can make a difference, and we're looking forward to working towards our new goals. 

Green Fins digital membership NDS

Passion for Debris

Our dive instructors can often be seen coming out the water with a mesh bag of trash. However, we are also big believers in stopping the trash before it even reaches the water. Our team often head along the shore on beach clean-ups, picking up debris as we go.  

We have also completed several debris challenges along the way - such as our collection of 10,000 cigarette butts in 2022, and collecting fishing wire in 2023.

We love passing on our passion for the environment; ensuring our divers are correctly weighted, teaching neutrally buoyant, and ensuring our divers understand the safe way to remove debris from the ocean. 

We believe every little helps in making the oceans a healthier environment. 

Diving sustainably 

So how can you help keep our oceans healthy on your dives?

The quickest and easiest way to help is by not leaving any debris at the dive site (including cig butts). Bring reusable water bottles instead of buying plastic is a great way to reduce single use plastic waste. 

In the water make sure you are neutrally buoyant to avoid touching the reef and sand. We always take time at the start of a dive to ensure everyone is correctly weighted and comfortable in the water. Our instructors are always happy to help with any questions to help improve with your diving techniques. 

Debris Dive with Ben

We have some great courses to further your diving education with Peak Performance Buoyancy and Dive Against Debris specialities. 

We are proud that with the above action points we were able to earn our status as a PADI Eco Centre, something which we consider a great achievement. We are looking forward to showing our divers the beautiful waters here in Malta, while also contributing to keeping the ocean clean and healthy.

Written by: Susie

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