How To Perform A Mask Clear

Everyone's Favourite Skill

Have you ever experienced that indescribable feeling as you snort up a bunch of pool water as a child and your brain feels as though it's about to burst? Your eyes tear up and a waterfall streams out your nose? Yes, it’s horrendous and not attractive. The Mask Clear is possibly the most dreaded skill in every course so have a look at my tip on how to clear your mask quick and easily.


  1. What Is A Mask Clear
  2. Purpose Of A Mask Clear
  3. How To Clear A Mask

What Is A Mask Clear

In the open water course, you are required to fill your mask with water. Starting from a partial flood through to taking the mask off completely. This is going to happen whether you like it or not. This is going to happen even when you're not on course!


Purpose Of The Mask Clear

The reason why you are expected to comfortably breathe through your regulator whilst your mask is completely filled with water is for your own safety. Many males who have a moustache find their masks "leaking" all the time. This is only because the hair follicles are allowing water to seep in between them. Instead of cancelling your dive to go to the surface just to remove the water, we teach you to fix the situation underwater in a calm, safe manner.

For me personally, my mask fills with water constantly due to me laughing or smiling underwater. My smile lines cause a serious flood!


How To Clear A Mask

Here’s a trick I learnt to help prevent the undeniable brain attack whilst clearing your mask.

No.1… Don’t sniff the water! It tastes disturbingly like salty fish

No.2… Think of your most favourite song and start humming it.

The idea is to release air into your mask to expel the water out from your mask. The easiest way to breath out your nose without having to actually think of doing so is to hum... Clever Right!

Place your tongue against the opening of the regulator mouthpiece, and start humming. You don’t have to be a rapper or a choir singer, all you have to do is hum 3 seconds of your favourite childhood song (that’s if you can remember how it goes).

If this doesn’t work for you on the first go… Remember rule No.1…. And then try the skill again. Eventually, your dive buddies will start humming the chorus and joining in on your underwater party!

Written By: Amy-Sarah Lottering

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