How To Stop My Mask From Fogging Up

Have you ever bought new goggles or a new scuba diving face mask and your constantly having to fill up with water to try to defog the lenses? It can hamper your dive and start becoming very unpleasant right?

There are so many ways to stop the mask from fogging up but we have chosen to give you the safest most effective method..... TOOTHPASTE>

Follow the steps given below in order to remove the manufacturer's film layer on the lenses.


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  • Step 1

    Apply a small amount of toothpaste to the inside of your mask lens. The toothpaste can be of any make, colour, shape or size. The amount of toothpaste to be placed inside the lens should be equal on both sides of the lenses

    Anti Fog

    Step 2

    Rub the toothpaste into the lens on both sides using your thumbs. Both lenses should be completely covered with toothpaste and this should be done no less than 10 minutes.

    Anti Fog

    Step 3

    Leave your mask overnight so the toothpaste can clear the silicone layer from your mask

    Step 4

    Wash off the toothpaste with fresh water. Make sure you rinse all the little groves of the lenses or your eyes could start burning from the fumes let off by the mint in the toothpaste.

    Anti Fog

    Step 5

    When you're about to dive with your new mask, before placing the mask in the water or on your face, place an extra antifog gel into the lens or rub spit around the lenses, then rinse it off and immediately place the mask on your face. This way, your mask will not fog up due to you removing the film and causing a nice slimy film from your saliva or gel.

    Anti Fog

    Written By: Amy-Sarah Lottering

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