SDI Refreshed Diver Course

SDI Refreshed Diver Course

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SDI Refreshed Diver course

Already a qualified SDI diver but not dived in a while? Want to start diving again but don't feel confident with your skills? Then this course is for you

Who this course is for:

  • The certified diver who has been inactive for a period of time and wishes to review the scuba skills and academic information before starting to dive again

    Course prerequisites

    • Be a qualified open water diver

    • Before any in-water, you will complete a pre-dive medical form at our centre. Please check the Medical Form to see if you are fit to dive. 

    What you can expect to learn:

    • Although one in-water training dive is required, your SDI instructor will discuss with you which skills need refreshing to allow this course to be built around you.

      An example of the skills:

      • Plan Dive
        • Equalization techniques
        • Communication signals
        • Lung over-expansion problems
        • Review of dive computer
      • Scuba system assembly
      • Weight adjustment
      • Mask defog
      • Don scuba system
      • Adequate entry for site conditions
      • Controlled descent
      • Computer check
      • Regulator clearing
      • Regulator recovery
      • Mask clearing
      • Fin use
      • Buoyancy control; hovering
      • Controlled ascent; computer assisted
      • Disassemble scuba system
      • Air sharing ascents
      • Underwater emergency scenarios


    • 1 Dive (1 Day)

      Minimum requirements:

      • Complete all open water requirements efficiently
      • Demonstrate mature and sound judgment concerning dive planning and execution

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