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Visible also at night and at very long distances

The xDEEP SMB is equipped with a special 3M Scotchlite reflective tape with SOLAS maritime visibility certificate. 

This perfect fluorescent material guarantees that your buoy will be visible at a very long distance. It is especially important at sea where at night it is very difficult to make out something as small as a surface marker buoy. Always ideally cleared and at hand In the lower part, the SMB is equipped with a rubber band loop in which the rolled-up buoy is ideally cleared and takes up little space. 

Such a solution is much better than any buoy holder since when it is needed, you can unroll it with one move without wasting time. Space for chemical light or message In the upper part of the SMB, there is a transparent holder where you can put the chemical light or a paper with information for the surface support team. 

It is a perfect solution when you want to pass a message that you need something while staying at the deco stop. 

Why did we place it on the side and not at the top of the buoy? Such an arrangement guarantees that the things you put inside will not fall out while the buoy is floating on the water.

Easy to deploy

The lower loop in the xDEEP SMB was made in such a way so as to maintain its round shape which makes it easier to move the reel or to clip the double-ended snap hook together. 

This apparently small change is a huge convenience and speeds up the deployment of the buoy especially when you do it in poor visibility conditions. 

We did not use a fixed snap hook on purpose so that in case of the damage of its spring you do not have to unstitch the buoy to replace it. Top-quality fabric from the USA The xDEEP buoy is made of high-quality fabric, Nylon 240 dTEX, made in the USA and destined for application in maritime signalling equipment and life jackets. 

In the production, we applied a special colouring process making the material more resistant to colour-fading due to salty water.  Anti-bacterial coating The wet environment inside the submersible marker buoys is an ideal place for the development of bacteria, mildew, and fungi, which can cause chronic sinus infections and can force you to refrain from diving for many weeks. 

In the same way, in all the other xDEEP wings as well as in the shell of the surface marker buoys, we applied antibiotic protection which prevents the development of micro-organisms.

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