XDEEP Project Wing
XDEEP Project Wing
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XDEEP Project Wing

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XDEEP Project Wing Standard Harness

Taking The Traditional Wing System To New Heights

If it works why change? Because good is not good enough for XDEEP. We wanted to deconstruct the traditional wing and backplate, knowing it works, but knowing we can make it a lot better. Every element in the NX PROJECT has been developed to perfection, with no compromises in the pursuit of excellence.

An investment of three years of design time, thousands of hours of testing in the water, constant refinement of the concepts, and the application of advanced materials technology brought our ideas to life.

Stability, Ergonomics, and Safety dominated our priorities and have been delivered in the PROJECT.

Inspired By The Dives You Do

What inspires you?

The thrill as a wreck emerges into view as you descend the shot line? The discoveries that lie in wait in the far corners of the hull? Perhaps it’s reaching into the depths of the earth, where darkness is split by your light for the first time.

Whatever inspires you, it has inspired us to develop the NX PROJECT to deliver that experience, expertly, safely - however deep, however far and however long you go.

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