Jasper Mulder

Staff Instructor / Manager

Jasper started his diving career through Divewise in 2015. After his adventures in Thailand and Bonaire he came back in 2017 and took on the role of New Dimensions Scuba Center Manager in April 2019.

 Jasper is the typical blonde-haired, blue-eyed, Dutch Surfer boy and is an incredible instructor. He is patient with his students and knows his way around Malta, on land and in the water.

Jasper is our number one underwater photographer, on your next trip out to Malta he might just take some very cool photos of you.

He too is able to teach many specialties and takes out technical divers when given the opportunity away from the office.

In he's free time you can find him in the water at the beach surfing or taking photos of the local surfers around the Island. Becoming the local photographer for the surfing community around Malta. 

Jasper and Amy work hand in hand and run the show at NDS

Jasper is able to teach PADI & SDI Courses

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