Ras Il-Hobz

Reef Dive, Ghajnsielem Gozo Ras il-Hobz is located south of Gozo. Ras il-Hobz is a single pinnacle rising from the de...

MV Cominoland

Wreck Dive, Xatt l-Ahmar, Gozo The Cominoland is one of the three diving wrecks offshore Xatt l-Ahmar in Gozo. Comin...

The Inland Sea

Reef Dive, Dwejra, Gozo Inland Sea is a shallow semi-circular lagoon of about 60 m wide and connected to the Mediter...

MV Karwela

Wreck Dive, Xatt l-Ahmar, Gozo MV Karwela is one of the three diving wrecks offshore Xatt l-Ahmar in the south-easte...

Mgarr Ix Xini

Reef Dive, Mgarr Ix Xini, Gozo Mgarr Ix Xini is located on the south side of Gozo. Mgarr Ix Xini is a very shallow d...

The Blue Hole (Former Azure Window)

Reef Dive, Dwejra, Gozo The Blue Hole is in front of where the Azure Window used to be, at the bottom of Dwejra Poin...

Billinghurst Cavern

Reef Dive, Żebbuġ, Gozo Billinghurst cavern is located on Gozo’s north side of its shoreline. Entering the water requ...

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